Spaces of Uncertainty. 

Budapest / Dundee. 

Collaborative project for Spaces of Uncertainty, exhibition in Budapest, Hungary. 

Jack Bishop
Joe Coghill
Kirsty Dalton
Lotte Fisher
Jennifer Galbraith
Koren Heydon-Dumbleton
Calum MacGillivray
David Evan Mackay
Meadhbh Nic Nuidahait


Dundee, fourth-largest city in Scotland, professes to be the 'City of Discovery'. The city is built on a once thriving textiles industry, but now finds itself in limbo. As the knowledge industries are emerging as a new source of wealth, the city is making a transition. On the ruins of its proletarian past, Dundee delves into an unknown future; it sheds its old skin - physically and mentally - and must rediscover itself. Fixated on future economic prosperity, the present is relegated to the past tense.

The Bakery is a newly established organisation in Dundee whose purpose is to oversee the current transformation processes. Staff members of The Bakery draw on a variety of disciplinary backgrounds and use their expertise to strip away what they deem to be unnecessary for the future utopia. Meticulously, they count, measure, calculate, make estimates, review, document, discuss, analyse. With their ubiquitous clipboards as universal carriers of information, they scrutinise the fragmented expanses of a devoid present.


Performance, Budapest, Hungary, 2014. 

Project Exhibition in Barscay Hall, Budapest, Hungary. 

Project Exhibition in Barscay Hall, Budapest, Hungary.